bile prowl glistening.

by Noah Haalilio Solomon

Unknowingly frantic

the interaction among fellows

occurring in the act of

immodest consumption by the whole,

one of the other.

Mortals, us, the upheaval of delighting rancor

and malice felled heavy

atop benign intentions.

But us…

we were lovers,

I spoke moorishly

with words to devour,

and we took turns gorging bigly

on you, on me robustly

as you blotted me with charm,

I hadn’t noticed

you bigger.

Until long after in my solitude

sunset draping frazzled legs

across my bed I bear

the hacking echo of your name

on lonely walls

and think how

you laughed last

with gall of ingesting

without chewing

In one gulp

having trapped me

inside entrails of howling gain

where your digestion

has yet to cease.