Marina and the Diamonds

by Noah Haalilio Solomon

This is one song that helps re-circle the ‘singing voice’ in the same group as musical instruments as far as phonetic output is concerned.  It gets pivotal when one’s vocals can mimic the act of instruments just as capably: octave-jumping, impeccable pitch, and also an awareness that too many vocal runs isn’t sexy/impressive when overdone.

I get totally excited when she is the night sky in front of the night sky, acknowledging her place (“from ashes to ashes”) and being justly, a more condensed version of all that matter and dust.  After all that, then if the vibrations of her move at this speed, then why not make her vibrato do the same, somewhere between plasma and gas, floating, turning into wisps on the face of the moon.

This song is called “I am not a Robot”