Bees and Nectar: Decanting

by Noah Haalilio Solomon

I am never not at the mercy of nature’s convolution.  The nexus of God’s fingerprints left unto our perceivable reality is forever profound for any human gazing into the abyss.  Thanks to Hunter Wyndham, I was recently told of the exciting life of ultra-violet flowers, who fluoresce at certain parts of their bodies, whose processes prove more favorable to certain insects during pollination.

What I gather is, these pollinating insects have different visual scopes than humans.  When they fly, they see flowers through a different light filter, which affords them a sort of skeletal image of the flowers source of nectar.  In this way, the insect sees these sources as “runways” by which they feed on the nectar, and often chooses the flowers with the richest supply.

Here is a link to read more about the functions of ultra-violet fluorescence in flowers.  There is also a catalog with various photos that show particular flowers in both natural light, and through a UV filter, giving us a look from the insect’s perspective.

Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite pictures.