HAIM — “Send Me Down”

by Noah Haalilio Solomon

Felt bad about neglecting this song’s praise in due time after discovering. Its mixture of musical elements overwhelm me to feel affectionately shell shocked, erotic without touching, and beautiful while stoic.
The song features a syncopated downbeat. Pricking the ear, swelling in and out, up and down. It counters the sound of something imminent that tubas produce quite easily, on the edge of danger.
With ease, the vocals contend with a vigor of its own, only to bloom daintily into the chorus of extended runs and strains of vowels.
The climax happens, commits itself with discretion, and you will notice. You will focus.
The song ends in perfect time with the sound of a knife being brandished in the hand of its worthy owner, leaving our curiosity in the babbling subtlety of endless abstraction. There, I said it.