Benign Violation

by Noah Haalilio Solomon

“…if a being can perform any action, then it should be able to create a task which this being is unable to perform; hence, this being cannot perform all actions. Yet, on the other hand, if this being cannot create a task that it is unable to perform, then there exists something it cannot do.”


“See the gloomy night withdrawing,
And the roseate morning breaking;
While the rainbow of Haao
Upward leaps from Auaulele:
Lo! here comes the long expected
Comes Laninuimehameha
Comes to Kealohilani
Welcome to this home, O chieftain,
Come within and drink the awa
Kane planted in Hawaii:
Bathe in the forbidden waters
Pool of Ponahakeone.
     So shall all the god’s descendants
     By thine action be preserved.”