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i was young, i was young but it stung

a mess of limbs

tangled across the bed.

with you

my most comfortable



Harry Belafonte — Aging With Grace

Although my sentiments regarding compassion and humanitarianism often deviate from normal, I think this is amazing and beautiful in the way my heart gets wrenched from time to time all in pursuit of returning back to its center.

“Try to remember when love was an ember about to billow.”

Ms. Ball – you really make me wonder about the 1950’s


all relations trace back to here

Deuter has been facilitating my ride on the shanty wisps of nose flutes and well-done reverberation.  I feel like bathing in an emerald water surrounded by red dirt canyons, contemporaneous with the formation of every precious stone that I cannot see but may acknowledge, as the imponderable

White Bird – Blue Sky

The Truth Beheld in Folk Music

this really happened