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Ventures in Vanity


Glimpse this recently sequestered beauty in an asset-boasting gown that swaths her body, over curves and immaculately. The red, gauzy chiffon props itself about her elfin frame, when best-dressed praise or overly-attentive wardrobe concern is the least I can give to such grace, such poise.

The ensemble settles, roiling into a lacy train that trails her in obtuse angles to the ground. Accessorized sparingly, the dress’s own geometry reaffirms that my minimal attention to pop-culture is situated appropriately: on Hollywood’s effervescence.


On thinking abo…

On thinking about expression of the self: The scary thing about audiences is that they will always pick themselves. Erudition attracts more erudition, clarity more clarity, creativity more of its own, and the followers will continue to follow those already following. The delivery of the content, then, depends all on its resonance, and for me, merely thinking about this among my target audience is both dreadful and unnerving. (I must not be ready).